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Application of Environment Testing Equipment

  • Automotive
    In the automotive industry, many parts and components require environmental simulation tests by environmental chambers, which can better control the quality of the car. VIEW MORE
  • Aerospace
    Aerospace components require a combination of high-precision test data and a large amount of mathematical analysis, and environmental test equipment is widely used in them. VIEW MORE
  • Communication
    Communication parts should use environmental testing equipment for temperature aging test, fatigue aging, waterproof test, dustproof test, etc. VIEW MORE
  • Electronics
    Environmental factors that affect electronic products include temperature, humidity, rain, sand, etc., so different environmental test equipment are required for testing. VIEW MORE
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Stability testing is an important part of the drug development plan, and stability testing is also necessary for regulatory agencies to maintain high-quality products. VIEW MORE
  • Semiconductor
    Environment test equipment can simulate high and low temperature environments, and combine software to conduct various tests on semiconductor products to confirm whether they can operate normally in harsh external environments. VIEW MORE