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two zones type thermal shock chamber

Two Zones Type Thermal Shock Chamber

Model: YTST-050 YTST-080 YTST-108 YTST-216 YTST-252

Main Parameters:

  • Temperature shock range:-40℃/-55℃/-60℃ ~+150℃

  • Temperature recovery time: 3~5 mins

  • Basket move time: within 15 seconds

  • Air type thermal shock chamber

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Description Parameters Features

Description of Two Zones Type Thermal Shock Chamber

Be used to test the ability of endurance of material structures or composite materials in a continuous condition of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature.

Widely used in the industries of metals, plastics, rubber, electronics, auto parts and other materials.

Parameter of Two Zones Type Thermal Shock Chamber

Test zone size W×H×D(cm)36×35×4050×40×4060×40×4560×60×6060×70×60
Exterior chamber size(cm)128x182x205142x192x205152x192x210215x213x205215x223x205
Hot zone temp. range+60℃ ~ +200℃
Cold zone temp. range-10℃~-40℃,-10℃~-60℃,-10℃~-70℃
Test zone temp. range-40℃~+150℃,-55℃~+150℃,-60℃~+150℃
Temp. fluctuation±2℃
Temp. recovery time<5min
Specimen transfer timewithin 15 seconds
Heating&cooling  time ℃/minAverage 3 ℃/min for heating, 1℃/min for cooling ( empty)
Exterior materialPainted steel
Internal tankStainless steel plant #304
InsulationPU+Fiberglass  wool
Heating systemStainless steel high temp. heater
Cooling systemCompressor + Finned evaporator + Air(Water) cooled condenser
ControllerTouch LCD ++ SSR + PID
AccessoriesVacuum glass observation window
Power test hole (50mm)
Control status indicator
Interior light
Load shelf (2 freely adjustable)
ProtectionOverheat protection circuit breaker
Compressor overload protection
Control system overload protection
Overload indicator
Phase sequence protection
High voltage and low voltage protection
Over-temperature protection
Fan overcurrent protection
Power supplyAC 3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
CustomizationSpecial requirements, custom service

Features of Two Zones Type Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Programmable LCD touch screen temperature controller, support multiple languages.

  • Divided into high-temperature zone, low-temperature zone, and a basket.

  • High & low-temperature conversion time: within 15 seconds, temperature recovery time: 3-5 minutes.

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