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PCT Accelerated Aging Chamber

PCT Accelerated Aging Chamber

PCT Accelerated Aging Chamber Model: YPCT-035

PCT Accelerated Aging Chamber Performance

  • Temperature range: 105℃~135℃

  • Humidity range: 100% RH (Saturated vapor humidity)

  • Pressure range: 0.0kgf/cm2~2.0kgf/cm2

  • Digital display or program touch screen controller

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Description Parameters Features

Description of PCT aging chamber

PCT aging chamber is used to test capability of semiconductors. The product to be tested is placed in a specific temperature, humidity and pressure environment to test the pressure resistance and air tightness of the sample. It increases environmental stress (temperature, humidity and pressure) and working stress (product voltage, load, etc.) to speed up the test process and shorten the life test time of the product or system.

Parameter of PCT aging chamber

Inner  size (mm)

φ300×D450 round test zone

Inner material

SUS#316 stainless steel or SUS#304 stainless steel

Temperature range

+105 °C ~ +135 °C

Humidity range

100% vapor humidity

Pressure range


Pressurization time

0.0kgf/cm2~2.0kgf/cm2 approximately 35points


Program touch screen controller

Standard configuration

1 sample tray


AC220V/ 50±0.5Hz single phase

Features of PCT aging chamber

  • Digital display or program touch screen controller

  • Accurate pressure: temperature chart always shows the in ner box's pressure and relative humidity.

  • Water device is automatically discharge not saturated steam in order to achieve the best steam quality.

  • A integrated silic gel door gasket, air tightness is very good, and long operation life.

  • The inner box is mirror-polished , graceful and non-pollution pct pressure cooker test,pressure cooker test

  • Automatic adding water function, and automatic filling water upon the water short storage while testing.

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