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Rapid Rate Temperature Chamber

Rapid rate temperature test chambers are meant to test the durability of your product for long-term storage or operation in these environments. Temperature cycling between high and low temperatures will create accelerated thermal fatigue of solder joints, seals, and connections in your product. The ramp rate of the chamber is 3℃/min, 5℃/min, 8℃/min, 10℃/min, 15℃/min, 20℃/min, linear or non-linear type. 

As a professional manufacturer of ESS test chambers in China, Yuanyao is honored to provide you with different types of high-quality ESS chambers as you can see below. If you are looking for a reliable ESS chambers supplier, Yuanyao is your ideal choice. Welcome to click and check our ESS test chamber. Or you can contact us directly for more information about our ESS test chambers. 

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