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ozone test chamber

Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone Test Chambers Model: YOT-080 YOT-150 YOT-1000

Ozone Test Chambers Main Parameters:

  • Ozone concentration: 0~1000 ppm, 0~500 ppm, adjustable

  • Static or dynamic fixtures according to customer's product

  • RT+10~80℃ for temperature range, adjustable

  • Comply with JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 etc.

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Description Parameters Features

Description of Ozone Test Chamber

The Ozone Aging Test Chamber or ozone resistance test chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere to test the ozone aging resistance and aging crack test of non-metallic materials and organic materials, such as paints, paints, rubber, plastics, etc.

Ozone test chambers test standard: JISK6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB/T7762 GB/T13642

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Parameter of Ozone Test Chamber

Model No.YOT-080YOT-150YOT-1000
Internal chamber size W×H×D (cm)40×50×4050×60×50100×100×100
External chamber size W×H×D (cm)90×140×95100×150×105150×190×155
Temperature rangeRT~80℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity±1.5℃; Empty load, 30 minutes after stabilization
Ozone concentration0~1000PPHM, adjustable (Optional: 0-500ppm non-standard)
ozone control precision±10%
Ozone generate mode(Ozonator)
Sample frameStatic and dynamic fixtures
Sample frame speed360°rotation (1 circle/minute)
MaterialSUS#304 stainless steel for inner chamber, cold-rolled sheet+powder coating for external chamber
Circulation systemCooling fan
Heating systemSUS# stainless steel high-speed heater
Controlling systemDigital electronic indicator+SSR+PID
Refrigeration systemcompressor+Fin type evaporator+air/water cooling system
Ozone concentration analyzerImported ozone concentration analyzer
Ozone generatorSilent discharge ozone generator
Other components1. Multi-layer vacuum glass observation window
2. Controlling status indicator lamp
3. Chamber light
Safety protection device1. Over-heat protection
2. phase sequence protection
3. overload protection
Power supplyAC 1Ψ 220V; 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements can be customized.

Features of Ozone Test Chamber

  • Ozone concentration can be adjusted from 0-1000pphm or 0-500ppm.

  • Dynamic or static sample holders can be customized.

  • The Ozone Aging Test Chamber is equipped with imported ozone concentration analyzer.

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