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Environment Testing Equipment Application in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical product is very important to the healthy of human-been and other animals.

What tests should be conducted in Pharmaceutical Industry?

Stability testing: Stability testing must be conducted in a planned way following the guidelines issued by ICH, WHO and or other agencies. Stability testing is an essential part of pharmaceutical development program and is required by regulatory agencies for establishing and sustaining high-quality products. The normal test condition is 25℃/60%RH and 40℃/75%RH. The ultimate purpose of stability testing is to understand how to design a drug product and its packaging such that the product has appropriate physical, chemical and microbiological properties during a defined shelf life when stored and used as labeled. Click here for stability testing chambers.

Heat processing: Research laboratories and production facilities that serve the pharmaceutical market also use our laboratory hot air oven to test medications or do the heating processing equipment during the packaging stage, the temperature range is RT+25~200/300℃. And according to different test requirements and sample material, vacuum oven is also a good choice.