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IP Test Chamber

Many industrial products are exposed to several atmospherical agents in addition to the well-known temperature, humidity and corrosion. Very high degradation phenomena are caused by sand, dust and rain. In particular, many electrical components have to be permanently water- tight, as they must work reliably even under the most adverse weather conditions. Test a wide variety of test specimens as to their tightness. IP test chambers for environmental simulation product testing meet with IEC 60529 IP code test. 

IP Test Chamber for Sale

Features of IP Test Chamber

  • IP Dust test chamber simulates the environment of dust-filled atmosphere to test products sealing performance and dustproof test properties, mainly performed to test the functioning of electronic components under extreme environmental conditions, which meet the IPX5 and IPX6 dust test requirements. 

  • IP water test chamber, IP testing (Ingress Protection) is designed to certify a product's resistance to the intrusion and or ingress by water. 

  • It certifies a product's resistance to intrusion by water and is for testing the waterproof of electrical and electronic products of shell protection level.

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FAQs of IP Test Chamber

  • A: Can you make a chamber which do IPX6K and IP5K/IP6K?

    Yes, we can IPX6K water test chamber and IP5K/IP6K dust test chamber. We prefer customers can provide related standards.

  • A: For dust test chamber, what powder you use for test?

    Usually, we use talcum powder. If customer needs, we can provide Arizona powder.

  • A: Can you make water proof test chamber with IPX1 to IPX8?

    IPX1 to IPX6 can be made with a chamber, but IPX7 and IPX8 need another chamber because they are water immersion test, different from the test from IPX1 to IPX6.

  • A: The water can cycle again and again for continue test?

    There are different types of machines: opening type and chamber type. For chamber type, water can cycle all the time, which saves cost and no need to arrange a water drain system.