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Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature and humidity test chambers(also called climatic test chambers or humidity and temperature controlled test chamber) simulate and provide different natural environments like high temperature, low temperature, moisture, cold, hot for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing on product. Temperature humidity environmental chamber is suitable for testing the quality of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, meters, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical care, and aerospace. 

The humidity and temperature control chambers can be used as a basic reference for the quality analysis and control of products, which is very necessary for research and development. As one of the high-quality temperature and humidity chamber suppliers, the temperature humidity chamber we offer includes constant temperature humidity chamber, rapid rate temperature cycling test chamber, walk in temperature humidity chamber, climate and vibration combined test and altitude test chamber. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber has multiple functions, which can also be used to test high and low temperatures. If you are looking for high and low temperature test chamber, it's your ideal choice! The different industry has different requirement of temperature humidity range and temperature cycling speed. Yuanyao provides different chamber equipment designs like desktop, standing type, and 3 layers type. For example, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber include Standard Programmable T&H Chamber, 80L Desktop Type Climate Chamber, and 3 Layers Temperature Humidity Chamber, which are all good choices for high - low-temperature alternating test. Yuanyao is one of the well-known climatic test chamber manufacturers and temperature and humidity chamber suppliers, and any special requirement is welcomed, please contact us for temperature humidity test chambers with good price/cost, choose us!

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Temperature Humidity Chamber for Sale

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber Features

Touch screen controller with program function, easy to operate.

Temperature and cycle graph can be obtained on screen with details. Test data can be exported by SD card or USB.

Double layers sealing parts prevent air leakage from the inside temperature humidity controlled chamber

Full welding process for the chamber structure

Drawer type flexible water tank / automatic water supply system for choice

Various communication modes are available for chamber remote control 

Audible alarm ensure user know the chamber running status quickly.

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Test Standards of Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber

Testing standards of Yuanyao humidity chamber for sale includes

IEC60068-2-1  Environmental testing – Part 2: Test methods – Tests A: Cold.

IEC60068-2-2 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products Test methods -tests B: Dry Heat.

IEC60068-2-3 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products – Part 2: Testing method test Cab: Damp heat steady state.

IEC60068-2-30  Environmental testing for electric and electronic products – Part 2: Test method – Test Db: Damp heat,cyclic ( 12h+12h cycle).

IEC60068-2-14 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products-Part 2:Test methods-Test N: Change of temperature.

MIL-STD-810D High- temperature test.

MIL-STD-810D Low -temperature test.

MIL-STD-810D Low -temperature test.

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About Humidity Chamber Function

When the temperature and humidity in the chamber reach or exceed the preset value, the temperature humidity chamber helps heating or blowing air in the chamber. 

After a period of time, when the temperature or humidity in the chamber is far from the set value, the heating or blowing stops. 

In addition to the basic functions, different models also have auxiliary functions such as disconnection alarm output, transmission output, communication, and forcing heating and blasting.

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FAQs of Temperature Humidity Chamber

  • A: Except temperature humidity test, can we do vibration test together?

    Yes. We can produce a combined test chamber with multiple functions together.

  • A: Is it possible for me to do test with 180℃?

    180℃ is ok. We will make some adjustments to the temperature and humidity chambers structure. Pls, put this into discussion if you need such a high temperature.

  • A: Is it possible for the product to connect the outside power during test?

    Yes. Usually, we open a hole(diameter is 50mm) for product to connect the power. Pls provide the heat capacity generated by your product so that we can consider heat loading into proposal.

  • A: Can we use normal running water for temp humidity chamber?

    Usually, we suggest customers use purified water or distilled water because tap water contains more impurities, which seriously affects the service life of the humidification system.