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liquid type thermal shock chamber

Liquid Type Thermal Shock Chamber

Model: YTST-021 YTST-041

Main Parameters:

  • Temperature shock range:-55℃ ~+150℃

  • Test time: 10 mins

  • Temperature transfer time: About 30s

  • Test mode: specimen be put into a liquid with different temperature

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Description of Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

Liquid to liquid thermal shock chamber is used to test physical changes of electrical and electronic components, automation components, automotive parts, communications components, metals, plastics and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, industrial, electronic chip integrated circuits, semiconductor ceramics, and polymer materials.

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Parameter of Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

ModeDUT inside the test basket moves to left or right inside the baths
Inner chamber size30x35x20 (2pcs)45*35*26 (2pcs)
Heating timeRT+10℃~150℃<75 min
Cooling timeRT+10℃~-60℃< 80min
Precool temp range-50℃~0℃
Preheat temp range+60℃~+150℃
Temp shock range-55℃~120℃
Test time10 mins10 mins
Temp transfer timeAbout 30s
Temp fluctuation±2℃
Power supplyAC 3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements are all welcome

Features of Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Programmable LCD touch screen controller.

  • Cabinet seal design reduces oil consumption.

  • The structure is divided into a high-temperature liquid tank, a low-temperature liquid tank and a hanging basket.

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