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Environment Testing Equipment Application in Semiconductor

A semiconductor is an electronic device with conductivity between good conductor and insulator, which uses special electrical characteristics of semiconductor material to complete specific functions. It can be used to generate, control, receive, transform, amplify signals and convert energy.

Semiconductors can be classified into four types of products, namely integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices, discrete devices and sensors. These devices should use environmental test equipment for temperature humidity test, high-temperature aging test, salt spray test, steam aging test, etc.

Types of environment test equipment in Semiconductor

Temperature humidity test chamber simulates high and low-temperature environments and sends instructions through the auxiliary control software to perform reading, writing and comparison tests on the storage products to confirm whether the storage products can operate normally in the harsh external environment. The test condition for semiconductors, we recommend high-temperature 35~85℃, the low temperature -30℃~0℃, and the humidity 10%RH~95%RH.

The steam aging test chamber is applicable to the accelerated aging lifetime test of the electronic connector, semiconductor IC, transistor, diode, LIQUID crystal LCD, chip resistor-capacitor, and electronic component industry electronic component metal connector before the thinness test.

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