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Aging Test Chamber

The accelerated aging test chamber is a testing equipment used to simulate and evaluate the aging process of a product under controlled conditions in a shorter time frame than natural aging. Accelerated aging test chambers works by subjecting the product to specific environmental conditions, such as high temperature, humidity, and exposure to UV radiation. The accelerated aging chamber is designed to maintain a consistent and controlled environment, ensuring that the product is tested under standardized conditions. 

The accelerated aging test mainly refers to the thermal oxygen aging test for rubber, plastic products, electrical insulation materials, and other materials; or the ventilation aging test for electronic parts and plastic products. The aging test is divided into temperature aging, sunlight aging, loading aging, and so on. These accelerated aging test methods mean reproducing, artificially and in a limited time, what would happen in months or even years. Generally, we use accelerated aging test chamber to do the test. 

As a professional aging test machine supplier in China, Yuanyao is honored to provide you with different types of aging test chambers, including ozone aging test machine, UV test chamber, Xenon aging test chamber, etc. Welcome to consult!

Accelerated Aging Test Chamber for Sale

Yuanyao Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Model Guide

NameModel NumberInner chamber size W×H×D(cm)External chamber size W×H×D (cm)
UV Test ChamberYUV-08040×50×40Depending on the design
Xenon Lamp Test ChamberYXEL-21660x60x60120x170x110
Air-ventilation Aging Test ChamberYTAT-10145×50×45105×150×60
Ozone Test ChamberYOT-08040×50×4090×140×95
Air Ventilation Aging MachineYTAT-10145×50×45/
NameModel NumberTest area size W×H×D(cm)Exterior chamber size W×H×D(cm)
Steam Aging Test ChamberYSA-310×5.4×2653×70.5×54.9
NameModel NumberInternal SizeΦ×D (mm)External size(mm)
PCT High Pressure Accelerated Aging Test ChamberYPCT-035350×450W680*H1110*D1080

Yuanyao Accelerated Aging Test Chamber Benefits

Yuanyao is a professional accelerated aging test chamber supplier based in China. The company recognizes the significance of testing in product development and aims to provide reliable aging test machines to its clients. Our accelerated aging chamber can offer the benefits typically as follows:

  • Reliable and repeatable results: Yuanyao's accelerated aging chambers are designed to provide consistent and repeatable results, ensuring that the products are tested under controlled conditions and producing reliable data.

  • Customizable testing conditions: Our accelerated aging test chambers offer the ability to customize the testing conditions, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to UV radiation, which allows replicating specific environments that products may encounter.

  • Improved efficiency: By simulating natural aging conditions in a shorter time frame, our accelerated aging chambers can speed up the product development process, allowing companies to bring their products to market faster.

  • Enhanced product quality: Yuanyao accelerated aging chamber can help identify potential product weaknesses and failure points earlier in the development process, allowing companies to improve product quality and durability.

  • Regulatory compliance: The accelerated aging chambers can be used to meet regulatory compliance requirements for product aging and durability testing.

Types of Accelerated Aging Chambers

There are different types of accelerated aging tests that can be performed. 

  • Ozone aging test chamber simulates and enhances ozone in the atmosphere conditions, studies the effect of ozone on rubber rules, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-aging properties of ozone and ozone resistance agent protection function. 

  • Steam aging test chamber is an automated process to artificial age electronic components and circuit boards.

  • Xenon aging test chamber adopts the xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves existing in different environments so as to provide the corresponding environment simulation and acceleration test. 

  • UV aging test chamber simulates damaging effects of long term outdoor UV spectra of sunlight, heat, moisture on materials and coatings.

Yuanyao is a professional Xenon accelerated aging chamber manufacturer & supplier, we provide quality-based chamber with competitive price/cost, choose us!

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FAQs of Aging Test Chamber

  • A: What is the difference between UV-A chamber and UV-B chamber?

    The luminous spectrum energy of UV-A340 lamp tube is mainly concentrated near the wavelength of 340nm; The luminous spectrum energy of UV-B313 lamp tube is mainly concentrated near the wavelength of 313nm.

  • A: What is difference between xenon aging test chamber and uv aging test chamber?

    Both the xenon lamp aging test chamber and the UV ultraviolet aging test box are the same sun light simulation test equipment. The difference is that the xenon lamp aging test chamber has a more comprehensive function, and the spectrum and temperature and humidity of the xenon lamp are wider than the UV ultraviolet aging test chamber.

  • A: Is it possible to do strength test with ozone aging test in a chamber?

    Yes. For ozone aging chamber, we have 2 test modes: static type and dynamic type. The difference is that in dynamic mode, product can be pull up and down during ozone aging test. If customer needs the cush test, pls tell us, we will make a suitable fixture for the product.