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Mechanical Tester

Mechanical testing equipment covers devices used for adhesion, compression, drop (shock), tensile, vibration, and fatigue testing. Mechanical testing for quality control serves two major purposes: product-endurance analysis and product-safety assurance. Mechanical testing contributes to quality enhancement of a product because it enables manufacturers to test material characteristics before and after the final assembly stage. 

Mechanical Tester for Sale

Types of Mechanical Test

  • Vibration test machine simulates the various environments encountered by the product during the manufacturing, assembly, transportation, and use execution stages to identify whether the product can withstand environmental vibration. Vibration testing allows you to predict the failure modes of a product or component and monitor their dynamic behavior to improve reliability and in-use performance.

  • Drop test simulates the drop/fall of the packaged finished products to evaluate their damages. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the package container can be tested. During dropping, the carrier will rotate to allow the packed products to fall freely.lt can test the faces, edges and corners of the product, with small vibration, and stable and reliable operation. So that the manufacturer can know how to take measures effectively to protect Its products against damage during transportation.

  • Tensile strength test is an integral part of material development. Materials that require this test include various metals, plastics, paper, fabrics, fibers, composites, and films for many industries. Yuanyao is one of the well-known tensile testing equipment suppliers and tensile strength tester manufacturers and has tensile test chambers or tensile testing equipments for sale.

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FAQs of Mechanical Test Series

  • A: For the high frequency vibration test machine, can we choose horizontal vibration direction?

    We have 2 modes for your reference: vertical direction and vertical + horizontal direction.

  • A: Will you also provide fixture with the vibration test machine?

    Usually, we provide tables. If customer needs us to make fixture as well, pls provide very specific requirement as much as possible. It would be better if the customer can provide a drawing.

  • A: What is max height your fall free drop tester can simulate? A:

    Our standard machine can simulate height from 40cm to 150cm. If customers need higher, pls tell us. We can customize them.