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Industrial Oven

Industrial ovens (also called industrial drying ovens, heating and drying ovens, and industrial heating ovens) are used for drying moisture and curing and baking metal surface coating, components, parts, and finished products, whose temperature can be from 200 ℃ max to 500 ℃ max. 

Yuanyao is one of the leading industrial drying ovens manufacturers and industrial drying oven suppliers in China, specializing in providing different types of industrial ovens. Our Industrial ovens include hot air ovens (also called precision ovens), vacuum ovens, dust-free ovens (also called clean ovens), and nitrogen ovens (also called anaerobic ovens), which are mainly used in industrial quality inspection tests and laboratory curing tests.

Types of Industrial Ovens

Functions of Industrial Oven

For oven functions, we have 3 functions- curing, baking and drying function. Mostly the manufacturer will buy an industrial oven for drying test, laboratories prefer baking test:

  • Curing - using high temperature to make chemical changes(popular for metal surface coating) .

  • Drying - using high temperature to remove moisture(popular for fiber and powder).  If you are looking for industrial drying ovens, this function works.

  • Baking - combining the functions of curing and drying

Industrial ovens adopt electricity treatment for heating, so it is also called electric industrial ovens. It is more energy conservation, environmental protection and safety. And we accept any customization requirements, including sizes, temperature, color, design, material... more please look through our web products. 

Yuanyao is one of the leading industrial electric drying & heating oven manufacturers/suppliers/companies in China, we provide quality-based oven with competitive price/cost.

Choose Yuanyao for Industrial Oven

Yuanyao is a professional laboratory oven supplier in China, specializing in the design, production, and distribution of high-quality industrial ovens and environmental testing equipment. Established in 2001, Yuanyao has established a reputation as a leading supplier of laboratory ovens, and its products are trusted by customers worldwide.


Yuanyao offers different types of industrial ovens and laboratory ovens, including drying ovens, vacuum ovens, high-temperature ovens, and more, with customizable options to meet specific customer needs. The ovens are made with high-quality materials, advanced technology, and strict quality control standards to ensure their durability, reliability, and accuracy.


Yuanyao's laboratory ovens are used in a variety of industries, including electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace, and more, for applications such as material testing, product development, quality control, and research.


In addition to its high-quality products, Yuanyao provides excellent customer service and technical support, with a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. With competitive pricing, reliable products, and excellent customer support, Yuanyao is an excellent choice for customers in need of a laboratory oven supplier in China. Welcome to contact us for industrial oven price.

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FAQs of Industrial Oven

  • A: What clean grade your clean oven can do?

    We have different grades with customer's needs: class 10000, class 1000, class 100.

  • A: Is it possible to have glass window for oven?

    When the temperature is below 200℃, glass window is ok. When the temperature is over 200℃, for safety we don't suggest installing windows.

  • A: What is the heating mode of your oven?

    For the normal high-temperature oven, it is heated by hot air circulation in the inner chamber. For the industrial vacuum oven, it is heated by heat irradiation.

  • A: Do you also provide big oven with trolley?

    Yes, we can provide a customized oven with customer’s requirements. If customer needs us to make trolley as well, pls tell us how you want to put your product and dry so that we can give the most suitable design.

  • A: What is the max temperature your oven can do?

    We have industrial ovens with 200℃, 300℃, 400℃, 500℃