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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum ovens can provide a stable vacuum anaerobic space and temperature atmosphere for testing special and sensitive samples. High temperature vacuum oven is suitable for electronics, batteries, metal, plastic, chemical coatings, epoxy resin, auto industry, raw materials, magnetic material, industrial powder, scientific research, laboratory research, aerospace, military research and other files. So if you are searching for industrial vacuum drying ovens, laboratory/lab vacuum ovens, or precision vacuum ovens, it is your best choice.

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Vacuum Drying Ovens for Sale

Features of Vacuum Drying Ovens

  • Vacuum drying ovens are used to remove moisture, gas impurity, and other volatile chemicals. 

  • The heat treatment like an oven and applies vacuum technique to make a vacuum-sealed chamber. 

  • The temperature can reach 500 degrees centigrade max. and our standard is 200℃ max. or 300℃ max. 

  • Vacuum ovens utilize heating radiation to heat, no wind heating treatment will ensure the smooth surface of samples.

  • If it is necessary, the vacuum environmental oven can be equipped with a nitrogen device that can supply a stable nitrogen source for the vacuum oven. 

  • Nitrogen can improve vacuum level and help the vacuum system clean and dry except for accelerating cooling speed of the vacuum system.

What is Industrial Vacuum Oven Used for?

An industrial vacuum oven is a device that dries, bakes and cures products in a vacuum environment. It uses a vacuum pump to extract air and dehumidify, so that a vacuum state is formed in the working room, so as to avoid the oxidation reaction of the product during the baking process. Our vacuum drying oven for sale is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizing substances, and can be filled with inert gas, especially some complex items can also be dried quickly.

Vacuum oven is widely used in the electronic product industry and aerospace industry. 

Electronic manufacturers and the semiconductor industry use precision vacuum ovens to dry very delicate electronics and cure the coatings of printed circuit boards.

The plethora of intricate parts within a circuit board is an ideal product for the use of vacuum technology when drying since you are able to dry parts at a lower temperature utilizing vacuum. Too much heat or pressure might damage the parts, so it is crucial that circuit board manufacturers can control these variables.

One of the more interesting uses for industrial vacuum ovens is the role they play in preparing parts for space travel. Mechanical parts that we expose to the vacuum of space need to be off-gassed in a vacuum oven beforehand. If you skip this important step, you risk the part off-gassing suddenly as it hits the vacuum of space and breaking down. Another use for vacuum ovens in the aerospace industry is, for thermal processing of equipment in the vacuum chamber which helps ensure that the equipment remains highly accurate and reliable and proven to be able to withstand extreme temperature conditions.

Performance and Functions of Industrial Vacuum Oven

Vacuum pump can be installed inside the oven or outside the oven.

Touch screen programmable controller makes the temperature, vacuum and time can be set easily.

Double layers sealing parts make sure the door closed firmly 

Imported vacuum pump shorten the time to reach vacuum, which improves the working efficiency

Different heating mode available for choice

How do Industrial Vacuum Ovens Work?

An industrial vacuum drying oven is a device that bakes, dries and cures products in a vacuum environment. The air inside the box is exhausted by a vacuum pump, and then heating process start. The sequence of vacuum and heating depends on the process requirements of different products. The heating method is that the heating elements be installed on the inner wall of the box, and the heat is conducted through the inner plate, so that the temperature in the box increases. In addition, in order to ensure temperature uniformity, a separate heating method can be used for the interlayer frame, or the temperature uniformity in the box can be improved by adding a special blower.

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