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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum ovens can provide a stable vacuum anaerobic space and temperature atmosphere for testing special and sensitive samples. High temperature vacuum oven is suitable for electronics, batteries, metal, plastic, chemical coatings, epoxy resin, auto industry, raw materials, magnetic material, industrial powder, scientific research, laboratory research, aerospace, military research and other files. So if you are searching industrial vacuum drying ovens, laboratory/lab vacuum ovens, or precision vacuum oven, it is your best choice.

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Vacuum Drying Ovens for Sale

Features of Vacuum Drying Ovens

  • Vacuum drying ovens are used to remove moisture, gas impurity, and other volatile chemicals. 

  • The heat treatment like an oven and applies vacuum technique to make a vacuum-sealed chamber. 

  • The temperature can reach 500 degrees centigrade max. and our standard is 200℃ max. or 300℃ max. 

  • Vacuum ovens utilize heating radiation to heat, no wind heating treatment will ensure the smooth surface of samples.

  • If it is necessary, vacuum ovens can be equipped with nitrogen device that can supply a stable nitrogen source for vacuum ovens. 

  • Nitrogen can improve vacuum level and help the vacuum system clean and dry except for accelerating cooling speed of the vacuum system.

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FAQ of Environmental Testing Equipment
  • A: What are the types of environmental testing equipment?

    In order to better determine product performance, it is necessary to test the product from many aspects. We can provide the following environment test equipment: 

    temperature, humidity, thermal, altitude & pressure test chamber, industrial oven, aging test/IP test, corrosion test chamber and mechanical test series.

  • A: What is the use of stability chamber?

    Stability test chamber is ideal for testing storage, shelf life, packaging and stability. Stability chambers are available in temperature only or with temperature and humidity.