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Hot Air Oven

Hot air ovens (also called industrial hot air oven are used for product's drying, curing and high temperature aging test. The hot air drying oven is mainly applied in chemical, electronic communication, plastics, cable, electroplating, hardware, automotive, photoelectron, rubber products, molds, painting, printing, medical, aerospace, military research and other filed. The temperature can be run at a temperature from 40 degrees celsius to 500 celsius degree, normally less 200 degrees celsius or 300 degrees celsius can meet 80% manufacturer customers. 

Types of Hot Air Oven for Sale

Industrial hot air oven adopts forced air circulation heat treatment, which effectively ensures temperature balance inside the chamber, and helps to achieve a good temperature uniformity, to reach +/-1% inside the chamber. That's why hot air high temperature industrial oven also called a precision oven.

This Hot air oven can also be used ashot air oven in laboratory / lab hot air oven.

In order to improve the user's experience, Yuanyao brand hot air oven changed the traditional structural design, now the outer chamber temperature of all of Yuanyao brand drying oven is less 40 degrees celsius.

Yuanyao is one of the most professional industrial hot air oven / laboratory hot air oven manufacturers and suppliers in China, contact us and get the industrial hot air oven price or laboratory hot air oven price!

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