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80L Desktop Type Climate Chamber

80L Desktop Type Climate Chamber

Model: YTH-080

Main Parameters:

  • Temperature: 0℃/-20℃/-40℃/-70℃ ~ +150℃

  • Humidity: 20%~98% RH (lower humidity is optional)

  • Heat-up speed: average 3℃/min

  • Cool-down speed: average 1℃/min

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Description Parameters Features

Description of 80l Desktop Type Climate Chamber

80l Desktop Type Climate Chamber is a kind of small environmental test chamber and can be used to test electronic, electrical, mobile phone, communication, instrument, vehicle, plastic product, metal and other products by simulating the test conditions of different environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high temperature, low humidity, low temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, and high temperature and low temperature. 

As a small temperature chamber, the Benchtop type climate chamber is suitable for R & D testing of small products and laboratory use.

If you are looking for small climate chambers, small temperature chambers, small humidity chambers, or small environmental test chambers, 80l Desktop Type Climate Chamber is your ideal choice!

If you have any more questions about this small temperature chamber, welcome to contact us!

Parameter of 80l Desktop Type Climate Chamber

Model No.YTH-080
Inner chamber size(cm)40×50×40
Temperature range-70℃,-60℃, -40℃, -20℃, 0℃~150℃,other temperature can be customized
Humidity range20%RH~98%RH(10%RH~98%RH 5%RH~98%RH)can be customized)
Temp.humi.uniformity±2℃;±3%RH (empty load, 30 minutes after stablization)
Heating&cooling  time ℃/minHeating rate 3℃/min, cooling rate 1℃/min(average rate, non-linear change)
Exterior chamber materialCold-rolled plate + Powder coating
Interior chamber materialSUS#304 Stainless steel
Insulation materialPU
Circulation systemCentrifugal fan air circulation system
Heating systemSUS# Stainless steel high-speed heater
Humidification systemElectrothermal steam humidification
DehumidifyingADP critical dew point cooling / dehumidifying method
Refrigeration systemCompressor + Finned evaporator + Air(Water) cooled condenser
Controlling systemTouch screen controller+SSR+PID
Other componentsVacuum glass observation window
Test hole (50mm)
Control status indicator
Interior light
Loading shelf (2pcs, height adjustable)
Safety protection deviceOverheat protection circuit breaker
Humidification system overheat protection
Compressor overload protection
Control system overload protection
Overload indicator
Phase sequence protection
Water shortage protection
High voltage and low voltage protection
Over-temperature protection
Water supply delay protection
Fan overcurrent protection
Power supplyAC 1Ψ 220V 50Hz
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements can be customized.

Features of 80l Desktop Type Climate Chamber

  • Touch screen type controller, easy to operate

  • Flexible water tank with water level display

  • RS-232 communication port to connect a computer for control and monitor

  • Custom service on design

  • Small capacity, easy to move, no need too much space.

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