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Big Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Industrial drying ovens, a hot selling product of Yuanyao team, which supports a stable adjustable temperature and high precision degree to dry, bake, cure, and age electronics, plastics, autos, molds...  

March 19th, 2020 we got an order from Singapore customer for building an oven for varnish motors and mining motors. Initial the requirements from customers are:2.5*2.5*2.5m, 2-ton motors need to bake, 250 degrees needed. Due to the heavy samples, in addition, to adopt trolley, we suggest the customer uses loading board with wheels to load heavy motors, which is easy to use the forklift to shift. As we know, raw power of human beings can not move 2 tons objects by hands, so that is why our suggestion came, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Below is the complete solution we recommended to the customer.

  • Inner sizes: 1.8*2.0*1.8m

  • Temperature: Max. 250 degree

  • 2 loaders

Big Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Yuanyao team warmly thank for the trust of the customer, giving us a chance to supply a custom industrial drying oven solution.

We can customize with temperature, loaders, color, control way, test zone... in order to provide a suitable solution. Up to now, we have customized sizes oven, multi-compartment, monitoring system oven, anti-explosion oven, automotive oven.

Other product series, we have ovens for the vacuum field, clean class field, inert gases/nitrogen field...

For more details please see thought from our website, we will show you a unique solution if send us an inquiry. Don’t hesitate, just enjoy the unique service from us.

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