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3 Zone Climate Chamber With Monitoring System

Recently, old customer of Yuanyao team asked an inquiry of 3 Zone Climate chamber with monitoring system, we totally supply 3 sets of 3 Zone climate chambers in this case.

The environment chamber equipped with monitoring system that inserts into a computer that can monitor the information about each piece inserted in the test zone in each batch, including ident. number, name of the piece; serial number; work order number; worksheet number, number of pieces..., and that the system can automatically add date, time and temperature during the testing. All this data must be saved on the computer. And, if necessary, classified (by identification number, work order number, worksheet number, date...).

Yuanyao R&D team can program a monitoring system according to clients' special needs, we have supplied battery aging chamber, LCD aging chamber, semiconductor aging chamber, optics aging chamber, charger aging chamber... Anyway we have much experience in data acquisition aging test chamber, we can apply it with our all test equipment, for example, hot air oven, temperature chamber, vacuum system...

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