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Common Fault of Industrial Vacuum Oven and Its Elimination Method

1. Electrical failure of industrial vacuum ovens

(1) The temperature of the electric industrial oven is abnormal, including an alarm when the temperature is too high, or the displayed temperature cannot reach the set value.

Too-high temperature alarm failure promotion method:

1). Firstly check whether the constant temperature parameters of the working area are normal, refer to all the parameter certificates of other normal use thermostats.

2) According to the circuit diagram, check whether the output of the solid state relay in the corresponding working area is broken down. Method: cut off the power and measure the output resistance of the solid state relay with a multimeter. The normal resistance will reach several megawatts or higher. If it is breakdown, there is almost no resistance and must be replaced with a new model of the same type.

3) When the power of the environmental oven is turned on, shake the corresponding working area in the thermocouple probe to check whether the corresponding thermocouple shows a large range of beating. If this phenomenon occurs, the thermocouple probe is in poor contact and needs to be replaced with a new one. The displayed temperature is lower than the set value. Similarly, first check whether the parameters of the temperature controller in the working area are normal and whether there is an output signal.

4) Check whether the thermocouple in the corresponding working area is damaged. To check whether these thermocouples are in good condition, connect the thermocouple on the thermostat to the thermostat and observe the temperature display. If the thermocouple is indeed damaged, it must be replaced.

5) If there is no problem with the thermostat and the thermocouple, you need to test whether the heating tube is operating normally.

6) If no power arrives, you must check the circuit diagrams one by one to see if the power outage is over and the components are burned out.

(2) Abnormal vacuum of industrial vacuum ovens

1) Firstly confirm that the vacuum source of the plant is normal and the compressed air pressure is normal.

2) Check whether the vacuum gauge of the industrial vacuum oven is normal. Use the vacuum gauge normally to see if the parameters are normal.

3) Check whether the door is closed, whether the door of the sealing film is damaged or deformed, and the door is contaminated by foreign matter, please check carefully!

4) If there is no problem with the door, please check the corresponding working area of the pipeline, pneumatic valve, thermocouple inlet, etc. Usually there are more at the entrance of the thermocouple, because if there is a thermocouple replacement, the vacuum sealing performance will often be damaged, and AB glue must be re-sealed to seal.

Common Fault of Industrial Vacuum Oven and Its Elimination Method

2. Mechanical structure failure of industrial vacuum ovens

(1) If the stability test chamber door is not tight, check whether the hinged door is loose and whether the buckle is deformed

(2) If the fan sounds abnormally, please check carefully whether there is any foreign matter in the fan, or the screws of the fixed motor are loose.

(3) The pneumatic valve cannot be operated. First check whether the corresponding solenoid valve can work normally and whether the compressed air pressure meets the working requirements. If the air pressure is normal and the solenoid valve is also good, the pneumatic valve must be broken and must be replaced.