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Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Model: YPO-6480-300

Main Parameters:

  • Volume: 6480L

  • Inner size:1.8*2.0*1.8m (w*h*d)

  • Temperature range: RT+25℃~200℃/300℃

  • Temperature fluctuation: ±0.3℃

  • Temperature uniformity: ±2%℃

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Description of Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Industrial drying ovens for varnish motors, also called motor drying oven, is a hot selling product of Yuanyao team, which support a stable adjustable temperature and high precision degree to dry, bake, cure, and age electronics, motors, plastics, autos, molds, etc.

6480L industrial motor drying oven is used for varnish motors.

Baking Method Of Yuanyao Motor Drying Oven

  • Pre-drying heating of the industrial motor drying oven should gradually increase the temperature, and the rate of temperature rise should be no more than 20~30°C/h.

  • The pre-drying temperature shall be determined according to the insulation grade. The insulation of class E shall be controlled at 120~125°C.

  • The class B insulation shall reach 125~130°C and be kept warm at this temperature for 4 ~ 6 hours. Then, the pre-baked windings shall be cooled to 60~ 80°C and the coating shall begin.

Application of Electric Motor Drying Oven

Electric motor drying ovens, also known as motor drying ovens or varnish baking ovens, are widely used in the manufacturing and repair of electric motors and transformers, as well as in other industries that rely on electrical equipment. These ovens are designed to remove moisture and other contaminants from electric motors, windings, and other electrical components, making them an essential part of the manufacturing process.

The drying process in electric motor drying ovens typically involves circulating heated air through the oven chamber. This helps to speed up the evaporation of any moisture present in the motor or other component, ensuring that it is free of contaminants that could potentially cause damage or reduce its lifespan. Some ovens may also include features like fans or variable temperature controls to optimize the drying process.

The use of an electric motor drying oven is critical for ensuring that electrical components meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. By removing moisture and other contaminants, the oven varnish process can improve the overall quality and longevity of the product, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

In addition to the manufacturing process, electric motor drying ovens are also used in the repair and maintenance of electrical components. When an electric motor or transformer is damaged, it is often due to the presence of moisture or other contaminants. By using an electric motor drying oven, repair technicians can remove these contaminants and restore the component to its original condition.

Overall, the application of varnish baking ovens is a critical step in the manufacturing and maintenance of electrical components. It is an essential process for ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, and it is a standard practice in the industry. Without the use of electric motor drying ovens, electrical components would be much more prone to damage and failure, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

Yuanyao is a professional electric motor drying oven manufacturer and supplier in China. With years of experience in varnish baking oven manufacturing, we have provided high-quality motor drying ovens to our customers around the world.  And our motor drying oven has gained a good reputation. If you are looking for a reliable motor drying oven supplier, don't hesitated tocontact us!

Parameter of Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

Model No.YPO-6480-300
Inner chamber size (W×H×Dcm)50×45×45(if you need other customized sizes, pls tell us)
Temperature rangeRT+25℃~250℃
Loaders sets
Heat up timewithin15 minutes to 200℃
Exterior chamber materialCold-rolled sheet + powder coating
Inner chamber materialSUS#304 stainless steel plate
Insulationfiberglass wool
Heating typeHot air circulation type
Controlling systemButton type digital display controller/touch screen programmable controller
Nitrogen systemFlowmeter + Pressure meter (oxygen concentration analyzer is optional)
Safety devicesPhase sequence protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection.
Power supplyAC 3Ψ 380V 50Hz (if need other voltage, pls tell us)
CustomizationNon-standard or special requirements can be customized.

Features of Industrial Drying Oven For Varnish Motors

  • 2 loading board with wheels, payload 2 tons totally. (over 2 tons is available)

  • Equipped with an exhaust fan which helps to heat dissipation when power-on testing.

  • Double 2 doors design, 2 meters height door increases the efficient working area of the oven.

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