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What Industry Is Dust-free Oven Suitable For?

Dust-free oven is a special type of industrial oven. Dust-free oven is used in dust-free workshops.
According to the needs of the products to be dried, there are 4 types of dust-free grades to choose: class 100, class 1000, class 10000, over class 10000. Class 100 is the highest dust-free grade. Do you know which industries this dust-free oven is suitable for?

1.Electronics industry: The production, processing, and production of most electronic products have high requirement about the environment, that is dust-free environment. The class 100 dust-free oven is mostly used in the electronics industry, such as touch screens, semiconductors, LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, quartz oscillator, etc.

2.Plastic industry: Some plastic products belong to high-tech, high-precision instruments. The production of such products needs to be performed in a dust-free environment. This requires class 100 dust-free oven, such as drying process of PCB, PE, electrolytic capacitors, rubber plastic keyboard, computer parts.

3.Other industry: Baking and drying process of precision ceramics, solar panels, backlight panels, and a few optoelectronic components.

In conclusion, the dust-free oven is commonly used in LCD and touch screen products.

What Industry Is Dust-free Oven Suitable For?