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What Products Can Be Used For The Dust-free Oven?

A dust-free oven, also known as an electric drying oven, is a special clean and dust-free drying equipment that provides a high-temperature purification environment. The air in the box is closed and self-circulating, and it is passed through a high temperature resistant and efficient air filter (10000, 1000, 100 class) Repeated filtration to keep the oven working room in dust-free state.

What products can be used for the dust-free oven?

This electric drying oven needs to be used in conjunction with the dust-free workshop. According to the needs of the products to be dried, there are 4 kinds of dust-free classes to choose from class 100, class 1,000, class 10,000, and class 10,000 above, of which class 100 dust-free oven is the right to use the products with the strictest dust-free requirements.

  • Electronics industry: baking, drying of touch screen, semiconductor, LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, quartz oscillator, etc.

  • Plastic industry: drying process of silicone, PCB, PE, electrolytic capacitors, rubber and plastic keyboards, computer parts.

  • Others: Drying process for precision ceramics, solar panels, backlight panels, and a few optoelectronic components.