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The Selection and Daily Care Methods of Oven for Industrial Use

Purchase items for oven for industrial use

1. Customized

The production capacity determines the size and specifications to meet the production needs, and the production capacity is high. You can choose the crawler-type oven from realiable test chamber manufacturer for industrial use.

2. Temperature

It's ok to choose 10 degrees higher than the actual use temperature. According to the process requirements, it must calculate the actual temperature difference required to ensure the baking effect. For example, if the operating temperature is 150 degrees, 220 degrees, 360 degrees, 440 degrees, the highest design temperature is 500 degrees. Different products have a slightly larger temperature difference when used at low temperatures. The actual use effect of 150 degrees and 220 degrees is not as good as a low-temperature oven. Using a medium temperature oven of 500 degrees, the temperature difference of 150 degrees baking is 2~5 degrees higher than that of a low temperature oven of 250 degrees. Industrial ovens are divided into low temperature (0-250 degrees), medium temperature 250-600 degrees), and high temperature (600-1500 degrees).

3. Unwinding

Layer industrial ovens. Configure the tray, there are net disk, physical disk, punching disk. If you have more, you can use a material rack or a frame.

4. Place the venue

If the electric industrial oven environmental test equipment is placed on the floor, you must consider whether you can enter the door and enter the elevator.

Industrial ovens need to be maintained after they are used for a long time. According to the time difference, they can be divided into daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, and half-year maintenance.

Specific maintenance methods for oven for industrial use

1. Daily maintenance of oven for industrial use: clean the exterior and inner cavity dust to keep the machine clean and hygienic. Check whether the current of the ammeter is the same as normal. If there is any abnormality, tell the maintenance worker to repair it. If there is a sudden power failure, the heating switch should be closed to avoid active activation when the power comes in. Check if the fan is working normally and if there is any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal sound, immediately shut down the machine and tell the maintenance worker to repair it.

2. Monthly maintenance of oven for industrial use: Check whether the vents are blocked and sort out the dust. Is the fan working normally? The maintenance worker checks to see if the current is normal. Check whether the thermostat is accurate, if not, please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the thermostat. Check whether the heating tube is damaged and the circuit is aging. Check whether the delayer is accurate and whether the error is allowed.

3. The oven for industrial use is maintained for half a year: check whether the wiring and switch are normal. Refuel the motor gearbox. The insulation of the transformer is not less than 5 megohms. If it cannot be reached, it is necessary to renew the transformer from scratch. Clean the reflector with a soft rag dipped in alcohol. Check whether the drive shaft and sprocket are loose, and whether the two sprocket is vertical. And check whether the tightness of the mesh belt is suitable?