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How To Extend The Service Life Of Aging Test Chamber?

The aging test chamber is used to test the quality of electronics, electrical appliances, computers, power supplies, communications, aerospace, vehicles, meters, metals, building materials, chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, plastic products, and other products. This device can simulate high temperature and harsh environment testing.

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Users can extend the life of the aging box through the following three aspects

Points to note before aging test chamber operation:

1. Check the power line insulation should be good to ensure no leakage Before power-on, There should be no contact between heater resistance wires to prevent short circuit.
2. Open the exhaust valve before energizing.
3. Use a non-explosion-proof aging chamber, it is strictly prohibited to bring volatile items into the aging chamber.
4. Observe and adjust the temperature inside the chamber at any time, which should meet the temperature required by the process.
5. Keep the chamber clean, check and remove the oxide scale next to the resistance wire in the oven.

6. Turn off the power and close the aging box.

2. Points to note when operating:

1. The equipment should be designated to be operated by a dedicated person, and non-professional maintenance person are not allowed to disassemble or adjust the internal electrical parameters of the equipment
2. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials in the equipment placement area, and there are effective firefighting facilities
3. The equipment should be placed on flat, firm ground, the placement area should be well ventilated, and a dedicated exhaust channel should be provided
4. The power of the equipment and the circuit breaker within 2 meters of the equipment
5. When removing the product from the equipment, effective protective measures should be taken to prevent burns
6. High-temperature aging chamber belongs to normal temperature humidity oven: baking is strictly prohibited flammable and explosive items
7. Correct grounding wire.

8. The operator must strictly implement the operation regulations, and must not violate the operation for a hurry.

Key points to note when maintaining:

1. Always keep the machine clean and tidy. If you don't need to use it for a long time, you should put on a plastic dust cover and put it in a dry room.
2. Regularly check whether the turntable, motor and reducer are normal;
3. Check whether the cooling fan is running normally, and add lubricating oil;
4. Regularly check whether the circuit breaker, overload and over-temperature protector are normal.

More tips will show you guys in the future.

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