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Why Dose Lithium Battery Need To Do Accelerated Aging Test?

Why do lithium batteries need to be tested for aging?

The lithium battery is a product that requires high quality and high safety. Consumers often don't know the performance of the battery when using it. As a result, the working efficiency of the battery during use is often not up to the ideal goal, and sometimes even blind use can cause battery explosions. The occurrence of, human life safety will also be damaged, so the aging test of the battery is very important.

What are the effects of battery heating, fire, and explosion?
  •  Directly burn out or reduce the insulation performance of the material to cause the flammable liquid to catch fire.
  •  Direct burning may cause the battery to catch fire.
  •  Explosion threatens life safety and damages equipment.

The following is the test equipment required for the battery aging test.

  • Environmental test equipment: temperature and humidity test chamber, high and low-temperature test chamber, walk-in test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, rapid temperature change test chamber, low pressure (altitude) test chamber, three comprehensive test chamber (vibration/temperature/humidity), aging room, UV ultraviolet aging test chamber, rain test chamber, sand and dust test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber.

  •  Mechanical testing equipment: electromagnetic vibration table, mechanical vibration table, simulated transportation vibration table, impact testing machine, drop testing machine.

  •  Industrial ovens: precision oven, vacuum oven, nitrogen oven, vacuum nitrogen, explosion-proof oven, side-by-side oven.

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