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Clean Drying Oven

High Temperature Clean Drying Oven

Model: YCO-072 YCO-270 YCO-480 YCO-600 YCO-720 YCO-1000

Main Parameters:

  • Dustproof class: Class 100, Class 1000

  • Filter: HEPA filter

  • Temperature range: RT+25℃~200℃/300℃/400℃(other temps are optional)

  • Temperature uniformity:±1%℃(200℃)/±2%℃(300℃)

  • Heat-up time depends on the size and temperature

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Description Parameters Features

Description of Clean Drying Oven

Clean oven also known as dust-free industrial oven, clean industrial oven. It is special dust-free drying equipment to provide high-temperature purification of the environment.

The air inside the oven is closed and self-circulating, which contains high temperature resistant and high-efficiency air filter for repeated filtration, so that the oven working room is in a dust-free state.

It is used for electronic liquid crystal display, LCD, CMOS, IS, medicine, Laboratory research department. Can also be used for drying non-volatile and non-flammable and explosive materials, heat treatment, aging, etc.

It can provide a cleanliness room as class 10000, class 1000 and class 100 clean atmosphere for drying or baking samples. It is used to varnish, insulation, epoxy, paint, oil, grease, rubble, electronics, plastics, glass optical lenses and other materials.

Industrial dust-free oven equipped a HEPA filtration inside the oven to create a clean environment, and the material of clean oven should be used 304 # stainless steel or 304 # stainless steel interior at less. Stainless steel can improve clean level and help the clean system to clean and dry.

Clean/Dust-free ovens are available in many customized sizes and configurations to custom temperature and cycle test requirements. 

Parameter of Clean Drying Oven

Model No.YCO-072YCO-270YCO-480YCO-600YCO-720YCO-1000
Internal chamber size (W×H×Dcm)40×45×4060×90×5080×100×60100×100×60100×120×60100×100×100
External chamber size (W×H×Dcm)72×116×5693×163×67110×172×77130×172×77116×170×116116×150×166
Temperature rangeRoom temperature +25℃~200℃(300℃)
Temperature fluctuation±0.3℃
Temperature uniformity±1%℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Dustproof classClass 100, Class 1000
Heating up time30 minutes
External chamber materialCold-rolled sheet + Powder coating
Interior chamber materialSUS#201 stainless steel plate (Adopt SUS#304 stainless steel when temperature>200℃)
Insulationfiberglass wool
Wind circulation systemCentrifugal fan air circulation system
Heating systemStainless steel high-speed heater
Control systemButton type Digital controller
ComponentsControl status indicator, loading shelf(2 pcs, height adjustable)
Safe devicePhase Sequence protection, overtemperature, overcurrent, overload protection
Power supplyAC 1Ψ 220V 60/50Hz, AC 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz
Customization serviceNon-standard or special requirements can be customized.

Features of Clean Drying Oven

  • Digital display controller or touch screen controller.

  • Heating method is by hot air circulation, which ensures rapid temperature rise and uniform temperature distribution.

  • Equipped with high-efficiency filter.

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