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customized nitrogen oven with fast cooling rate

Customized Nitrogen Oven With Fast Cooling Rate

Model: YNO-080, YNO-150, YNO-225, YNO-408, YNO-800, YNO-1000

Main Parameters:

  • Temperature range: RT+25℃~200℃/300℃/400℃(other temps are optional)

  • Temperature fluctuation:±0.3℃

  • Temperature uniformity:±2%℃

  • Cooling time: within 30 mins from 200℃ to 40℃

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Description Of Customized Nitrogen Oven With Fast Cooling Rate

The Nitrogen oven is used in baking, drying, preheating, and tempering in industries such as semiconductors, chips, new energy batteries, photovoltaic modules, LED optoelectronics, precision metals, medical equipment, auto parts, communication equipment, and chemicals. , aging, and other purposes. The industrial nitrogen oven is a new type of electric drying oven that can create an oxygen-free clean constant-temperature environment. It is filled with nitrogen while heating and working, is suitable for products that need high temp baking and heating and easily be oxidized. 

Parameter of Customized Nitrogen Oven With Fast Cooling Rate

Model No.YNO-080YNO-150YNO-225YNO-408YNO-800YNO-1000
Inner chamber size (W×H×Dcm)40×50×4050×60×5060×75×5080×85×60100×100×80100×100×100
Temperature rangeRT+25℃~200(temperature can be customized)
Heating rate30 mins from room temp to 200
Cooling rateWithin 30 mins from 200 to 40
Oxygen concentration0-2000 PPM(customized by customer)
Inner chamber materialSUS#201 stainless steel plate (Adopt SUS#304 stainless steel when temperature>200℃)
Exterior chamber materialCold-rolled sheet + powder coating
Insulationfiberglass wool
Wind circulation systemCentrifugal fan air circulation system
Heating systemStainless steel high-speed heater
Controlling systemTouch screen controller
Nitrogen systemFlow meter + Pressure meter (oxygen analyzer is optional)
Other componentsControl status indicator, loading shelf (2 pcs, height adjustable),RS-232 communication port
Safety devicesPhase sequence protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection.
Power supplyAC 1Ψ 220V; 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz(can be customized)

Features of Customized Nitrogen Oven With Fast Cooling Rate

  • Users can make the whole drying process by program on controller.

  • The real-time test data can be exported by USB port.

  • RS-232/RS-485 can be provided for customers to monitor the machine on the computer.

  • Fast cooling rate ensures the user can take out the products soon, which reduces waiting time.

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