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ipx6k waterproof test chamber

Ipx6k Waterproof Test Chamber

Model: YSRT-1000

Main Parameters:

  • Comply with IEC-60529 IPx6k, JISD 0203 & US military standards

  • Water pressure circulation test

  • Waterproof plug, suitable for sample power on test

  • IPX6K in one chamber or separately install in one room

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Description Parameters Features

Description of Ipx6k Waterproof Test Chamber

IPX6K waterproof chamber has a higher waterproof level than IPX5 waterproof test chamber and IPX6 waterproof chamber level of pressure.   Based on protection grade IPX6K waterproof chamber simulates the outdoor raining climate to do the waterproof performance test, determine the products reach the corresponding protection grade or not, so that product design, research and development and factory inspection.

Parameter of Ipx6k Waterproof Test Chamber



Internal chamber size

1000*1000*1000 mm (W*H*D)

External chamber size

1450*2000*3600 mm (W*H*D)

Interior chamber material

SUS#304 stainless steel

Spray nozzle diameter & jet distance(IPX5-IPX6)

6.3mm(IPX5), 12.5mm(IPX6); 2.5~3m

Water flow and jet distanceIPX5-IPX6)

12.5L±0.625L/min(IPX5), 100±5L/min(IPX6)

Water pressure:

50~150 Kpa

Standard configuration

1 sample tray

Power supply

AC 3Ψ 380V 60/50Hz

Features of Ipx6k Waterproof Test Chamber

1. Touch screen controller.

2. Sample power-on test.

3. IIPX6k tests can be performed in one chamber.

4. Water can be recycled with water pressure

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