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How To Use Vacuum Oven Correctly?

We know that a vacuum oven is a box-type drying device that dries dry materials under negative pressure. It uses a vacuum pump to extract air and dehumidify so that a vacuum state is formed in the working room, which reduces the boiling point of water and accelerates the drying speed.

The vacuum drying oven has the advantages of fast drying of specific items, little pollution, and no damage to the inherent quality of the dried items. But do you know why the vacuum ovens should be evacuated before it is used? here are some reasons as below:

1.The test article is put into a vacuum dry oven to evacuate to remove the gas from the material. If the workpiece is heated first, the gas will expand when heated. Because the tightness of the oven is very good, the huge pressure generated by the expanding gas may cause the tempered glass of the observation window to burst. It is very dangerous. We can avoid this danger if we vacuum first and then heat.

2. If heat first and then evacuate, the heat will be taken to the vacuum pump when the hot air is evacuated, which will cause the temperature of the vacuum pump to rise too high and influence the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

3. The heated gas is directed to a vacuum pressure gauge, which will produce a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the specified operating temperature range of the vacuum pressure gauge, it may cause the display error of the vacuum pressure gauge.
In conclusion, the correct method of use is to evacuate first and then heat. If the vacuum decrease after reaching the rated temperature, evacuate for a while again. This will help extend the life of the industrial vacuum oven.

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How To Use Vacuum Oven Correctly