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Reasons For The Slow Cooling Of The Rapid Temperature Change Temperature Test Chamber

Reasons for the slow cooling of the rapid temperature change test chamber.

1. First consider the ambient temperature conditions used in the rapid temperature change and low temperature chamber: we will emphasize the ambient temperature of the equipment whether it is in the quotation contract or the delivery training. The equipment should work at a temperature of 25°C, and the laboratory should be ventilated and maintained. Air circulation, but some customers may not care. If the equipment is placed at an ambient temperature of 35℃ or higher, and the laboratory is relatively closed, this situation will definitely lead to a slow cooling rate, and the equipment will work at a high temperature for a long time. The refrigeration system and electrical components are aging and damaged.

2. Secondly, consider the refrigerant leakage of the low-temperature and rapid rate thermal cycling chamber. The refrigerant can be called the blood of the refrigeration system. If there is a leakage point in any part of the refrigeration system, the refrigeration capacity is less, which will naturally affect the cooling of the equipment.

3. Then consider that the refrigeration system of the rapid temperature change and low-temperature test chamber is blocked. If the refrigeration system is blocked for a long time, the damage to the equipment is still great, and the compressor will be damaged in severe cases.

If the rapid temperature change and low-temperature test chamber you are using have slow cooling, please find a professional maintenance person to check or contact the supplier.

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