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How To Make Daily Maintenance Of Temperature Humidity Chamber?

Many problems of temperature humidity chamber not be caused by chamber quality, but by incorrect daily maintenance. Incorrect maintenance will influence the performance and life span of the chamber. Next, let's see how to make daily maintenance of the temperature humidity chamber.

1. The water for this type of environment test equipment must be purified water or distilled water, can not be running water.

2. Do not place this unit in a place exposed to water or sunlight.

3. Personnel must be assigned to operate the machine to prevent premature damage.

4. This machine can not be used for heating, testing, or baking with flammable, explosive, and corrosive materials. If the test of this material must be carried out, its danger must be considered, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary losses or the machine cannot reach test purposes.

5. The number of test objects must not affect the air circulation of the test box, otherwise, it will affect the performance of the machine.

6. Pls keep the door be closed well during test.

7. When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the temperature humidity chamber, pls do not make the article touch the rubber edge on the door to prevent the rubber edge damage.

8. The ground around and at the bottom of the chamber must be kept clean at all times to avoid a large amount of dust being sucked into the unit to cause accidents and reduce performance.

9.The refrigeration system is the core of the machine. Please inspect all-copper pipes for leaks once a year. If there is any leakage of oil at the horn interface and welding port, please inform the company or directly handle it.

10.Pls clean the condenser of the refrigerating unit regularly cleaned of dust. Generally, it is cleaned once every six months.   After starting, use a hard brush or blow it with a high-pressure air nozzle.

11.Pls overhaul the switchboard once every six months to ensure safety.

12.Humidifiers and water cups are often cleaned to avoid the formation of scale and affect the emission of steam. Generally,   need to clean every time finish the test.

13. Pls replace the humidity gauze once every 3 months and check the gauze frequently.

14. Please do not adjust the setting values of the two over-temperature protectors in the electric distribution box. They already are adjusted before delivery. This protection switch is used to protect the heating tube and humidification tube from incineration and water shortage alarms.

15.The water pipe of the water supply system is easy to be blocked and leaked. Please regularly check for leaks and blockages. If there is, please eliminate it or notify our Yuanyao test chamber manufacturer in time.

16. Non-full-time personnel are not allowed to maintain and inspect the machine. During the maintenance and inspection period, inspections should be performed by full-time personnel, while guardians should monitor them to prevent unknown persons from turning on and off the power supply, causing electric shock, personal injury and fire accidents.

17. The power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year, and during the cleaning process, a vacuum cleaner should be used to remove the dust from the chamber.