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What We Should Pay Attention To When Operate The Chamber?

Because environmental testing equipment is a high-precision instrument, and the volume is usually relatively large, there will be countless precautions in the operation, so here we will give you some suggestions of what to pay attention to when operating:

1. It is forbidden to disassemble, process, modify or repair the constant temperature chamber without authorization, otherwise, there will be danger of abnormal movement, electric shock, or fire.

2. The internal parts of the meter have a certain life span. In order to use the meter continuously and safely, please perform regular maintenance and maintenance. When discarding this product, please dispose of it as industrial waste.

3. In order to prevent electric shock or malfunction and failure, please do not turn on the power until the installation and wiring are completed.

4. Please try not to open this environment test equipment door during the operation of the instrument. Opening it at high temperatures may cause burns to the operator. Opening it at low temperature may cause frostbite to the staff and may cause the evaporator to freeze and affect the cooling effect. If it must be opened, please do some protection work.

5. The wiring must be correct, and it must be grounded. Failure to the ground may cause electric shock, malfunction, accidental display, or large measurement errors.

6. If the machine is damaged or deformed when unpacking, please do not use it.

7. Regularly check the terminal screws and fixing brackets. Do not use them with looseness.

8. This product is not explosion-proof. Please do not use the constant temperature and humidity machine in a bad environment with flammable or explosive gas.

9. To avoid machine failure of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, please provide power within the rated voltage range.

10. Check whether the power is stable before turning on the power.

11. The ventilation holes of the body must be kept clear to prevent malfunctions, abnormal movements, reduced life and fire.

12. In the operation of the instrument, before modifying, setting the signal output, starting, stopping, etc., safety should be fully considered. The incorrect operation will cause damage or failure of the working equipment.

13. Please use a dry cloth to wipe the meter. Do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents. Do not splash water on the meter. If the meter is immersed in water, stop using it immediately, otherwise, there is a risk of leakage, electric shock or fire.

14. During the operation of the instrument, the power input terminal cover must be installed on the terminal board to prevent electric shock.

15. When installing and setting the machine, be careful not to let dust, wire ends, iron filings or other objects enter, otherwise erroneous actions or failures may occur.