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Application of Drug Stability Testing Chambers

1. Overview of the product application of the drug stability testing chambers

The products of the drug stability test room are suitable for the accelerated damp heat test, long-term stability test, alternating damp heat test, and constant damp heat test of semi-finished products, finished products and raw materials of pharmaceutical factories. It can also perform high and low temperature routine tests and low temperature storage to analyze and evaluate the performance and behavior of the product under the environmental conditions planned in the test.

2. Application and implementation standards of drug stability testing chambers

The drug laboratory/drug stability testing chamber is used for painstaking research in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry and all related industries including life sciences. The WHO principle requires 25℃/60%RH humidity long-term stability test conditions. In the accelerated test, 40℃/75%RH humidity is investigated for 6 months, which is the field of stability test system in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly simulating temperature, humidity, and light tests in the environmental climate.

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