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Installation Site Requirements and Purchase Attention Details of the Thermal Shock Chamber

Ⅰ. Installation site requirements of the thermal shock chamber

The thermal shock chamber is a kind of precision equipment, and it is also the fixed asset of the user, so it will be thoroughly understood before purchase. In the early stage of understanding, the price of the equipment and whether the utilization rate is high will be considered for evaluation. Then, when purchasing, you will also think about whether the equipment has requirements for the venue? Does it have any effect when placed with other devices?

The thermal shock chamber has the following requirements for the site:

1. The ambient temperature should not be too high or too low, the temperature should be 25℃±5℃, and the humidity should be ≤85%RH.

2. It cannot be placed on the roof or outdoors. It must be placed indoors to avoid sunlight exposure to prevent the equipment from aging.

3. The thermal shock chamber will have heat dissipation during operation, so a space of 50~80cm should be reserved around the equipment to facilitate subsequent engineers to come to the door for maintenance.

4. It cannot be placed with the vibrating table, and cannot be placed with corroded equipment, such as a salt spray test chamber.

5. The thermal shock chamber should be installed on a level ground, and there should be no bumps.

Ⅱ. What details should be paid attention to when purchasing a thermal shock chamber?

For users, in addition to cost-effectiveness, quality is also very important to buy a good thermal shock chamber. After all, the price of a good thermal shock chamber is not cheap, and it is also a fortune for users. Small expenses can be regarded as a fixed asset, so when looking at the factory comparison, you need to pay attention to the following details:

1. Check whether the parts are imported, such as compressors, controllers, evaporators, condensers and other major parts, especially if they are counterfeit parts;

2. To see whether the manufacturer or the agent, it can be judged from the production workshop, parts warehouse, and business license;

3. Look at the manufacturer's qualifications, years of establishment and related certificates, such as patent certificates, CE export certification, etc.;

4. It is very important to look at the on-site production process, especially the welding part and the test method of the refrigeration system.

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