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Calibration of Walk In Chamber and Humidification Over-temperature Alarm Release Method

Ⅰ. Does the walk in chamber need to be calibrated?

In order for the programmable walk in chamber to better exert its efficacy and stability, the most important thing is to carry out 10-15 days of debugging and calibration work before leaving the factory. The following is what we do for the programmable walk in chamber 3 methods of calibration and their pros and cons:

1. Calibration under load conditions

The advantage of this method is that it can more accurately evaluate the impact of the test sample on the performance of the walk in chamber, and it is easy to obtain detailed information on the environmental test of key components or parts of the test sample.

And its main disadvantage is: when changing the test sample, it needs to be recalibrated.

2. Calibration under no-load conditions

The advantage of this method is that the entire working area of the programmable walk in chamber has been calibrated, and an effective evaluation of the applicability of the walk in chamber can be made.

Its main disadvantage is that it cannot evaluate the influence of the test sample on the test chamber.

3. Real-time measurement during use

The advantage of this method is that it not only has the advantages of the above-mentioned method. Moreover, it is possible to obtain comprehensive environmental parameters of the test sample in the environmental process, which is often used in product tests with high environmental requirements.

Its main disadvantage is that each environmental test requires the use of measuring equipment, and the calibration method under no-load conditions is usually used when calibrating a walk in chamber.

Through the above methods, debugging and calibration of the programmable walk in chamber can simulate a more reliable test environment as much as possible, so as to make accurate analysis and evaluation of the sample.

Ⅱ. How to remove the humidification over-temperature alarm of the walk in chamber?

1. There is a failure in the humidification over-temperature protection of the walk in chamber: it may be that the humidification tank is short of water and the over-temperature adjustment leads to improper adjustment. Generally, the maximum range of adjustment is 120 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. If the humidification cylinder is short of water If not, check the water level in the humidification tank.

2. Compressor over-current protection fault: Check the compressor's over-current protection, whether the relay is adjusted too small or the cooling fan of the compressor is broken. If any of these faults occur, please contact a professional manufacturer.

3. Whether the water pump is broken: Check whether the water pump is broken or the current of the overcurrent protector of the water pump is adjusted too small, and the current protection can be adjusted appropriately.

4. Water shortage protection: the water tank below needs to be supplemented with purified water, or the water tank has not been cleaned for a long time, so that the floating ball in the tank is stuck and cannot rise. Please clean the water tank until the floating ball can Free movement up and down is the best.


1. Check whether there is water in the water tank. The water level should be below two-thirds of the water tank. The water must be pure water or distilled water.

2. Check whether the wet ball gauze is hung on the wet ball sensor.

3. If there is an error between the actual temperature and humidity and the set value, the gauze on the sensor must be replaced in time to ensure the accurate operation of the walk in chamber.