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Factors to Consider when Choosing High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Test Chamber Water Cooling or Air Cooling

The high and low temperature thermal shock test chamber is used to test the degree of tolerance of composite materials and material structures in an instantaneous and high temperature and extremely low temperature continuous environment, that is, to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time. Applicable objects include metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials, which can be used as a basis or reference for product improvement. 

The cooling method of the high and low temperature test chamber is divided into water cooling and air cooling; then you are confused when you choose? Which cooling method is more suitable for you? Should I choose water cooling or air cooling? Which cooling method is better? Next, this article will share with you the factors that are considered when choosing high and low temperature thermal shock test chamber water cooling or air cooling:

1. The area of thermal shock chamber

As far as China is concerned, the weather in the south is hot and the temperature is higher. The heat is taken away by water to achieve the effect of cooling. Therefore, water-cooled units are generally used; the weather in the north is cold and the temperature is lower. For heat dissipation, air-cooled units are generally used.

2. Installation site of thermal shock chamber

The water-cooled cooling method of thermal shock chamber needs to be installed with water cooling, so there are requirements for the site; the air-cooled cooling method does not require much of the site, as long as the laboratory is ventilated, the room temperature should not be too high.

A fundamental summary: the effects of water cooling and air cooling of the high and low temperature thermal shock test chamber are for heat dissipation and cooling, but the media used are different and the heat dissipation methods are different. There is no difference between the good and the bad. The user ultimately chooses air-cooled or water-cooled, mainly based on your actual situation. The above are the elements that this article shares with you when choosing water cooling or air cooling for high and low temperature shock test chambers.