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Analysis and Treatment of the Leakage of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

When the high-and-low temperature test chamber is working, we will find that the water droplets sometimes drip from the inside of the test chamber. Is it normal? Next, we will analyze how to solve water leakage problems in the high-and-low temperature thermostatic test chamber.

Whether the dripping inside the high-and-low temperature test chamber is a normal phenomenon depends on where the water is dripping.

1. If the water drips in the air duct behind the equipment, the user can rest assured that the phenomenon is normal because the compressor is dehumidifying.

2. If the water drips from the sink in the upper right corner of the equipment, it is abnormal, but we, the test chamber manufacturer, can adjust it through some operations to solve the dripping problem.

The causes and solutions of the second condition are:

1. Firstly, check whether the test chamber is placed steadily. When the whole equipment is tilted, the cup in the water system of the high and low temperature test chamber will also change the position and the water in the cup flow down from the sink inside the water tank. It is necessary to place the test chamber in a stable position to ensure that the water level returns to normal.

2. When the position of the cup is installed too high in the internal sink of the equipment, excess water will flow through the sink into the interior equipment. Then you need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws around the cup and adjust down the cup position properly while observing whether there is water dripping in the sink inside the equipment until the dripping phenomenon disappears. (Here, users need to be reminded that the adjustment of the cup needs to be gradual, not lowered too much at once; if the water level is too low, then the cup is unable to supply water to the sink inside the equipment, it will cause a lack of water from the sink, and cause a secondary failure: humidity failure).

These are all that we want to advise you to solve the problem of water leakage inside the high and low temperature test chamber.