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Technical Development and Operation Attention of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Ⅰ. The technological development of thermal shock test chambers

With the development of computer technology, the shortcomings of simple functions in single-chip microcontrollers of thermal shock test chambers have been improved by microcomputers. The intelligent functions, such as expert systems, parameter selection, databases, clear window interfaces, and simple mouse operations, make it possible to achieve an idealized state during the spring testing process. The level of intelligence has been greatly improved.

The operator can simply click the mouse to perform measurements and controls according to any preset mode. By setting different test speeds and parameters during the test process, the test mode and the entire test process can be controlled according to people's will. The test curve and test data of the thermal shock test chamber are displayed in real-time, and the test data can be calculated, organized, and output according to industry or enterprise standards. The past test processes and results can also be queried. Powerful computing and mathematical statistics functions have replaced the tedious work in the past, greatly reducing human labor.

Ⅱ. Operating precautions for thermal shock test chambers

1. When operating the thermal shock test machine, never open the door easily. The high temperature or low-temperature air rushing out of the box is very dangerous, and it is easy to cause burns or frostbite. If it is necessary to open the door due to special circumstances, corresponding protective measures must be taken. It is better to minimize the time of opening the door; otherwise, it will affect the test results. The thermal shock test chamber operates with electricity, and the power is relatively high. Therefore, when using it, ensure that the body is in contact with the ground to prevent electrostatic induction.

2. During use, it is necessary to prevent the refrigeration unit from being opened again within three minutes. When placing the heating test sample in the box, please use an external power supply to control the test sample power, and do not directly use the body power supply.

3. The water system of the thermal shock test chamber needs to be checked regularly, especially the water tower of the water-cooled type needs to be cleaned once every three months to prevent sediment, scale, leaves, and other materials from blocking the pipeline and damaging the compressor.

4. Explosive, flammable, and highly corrosive materials are prohibited from being tested in the thermal shock test chamber.

5. Before using the equipment, please follow the instructions provided by the company to avoid dangerous situations.