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Analysis of the Reasons Why the Thermal Shock Chamber is Not Refrigerated

The thermal shock chamber that has been running smoothly in normal times suddenly stopped cooling. Why is this? Today we will share with you several reasons why the thermal shock test chamber is not refrigerated.

1. The working principle of the refrigeration of the thermal shock chamber

Before introducing the reasons why the thermal shock chamber is not refrigerated, it is necessary to understand the working principle of the equipment refrigeration. The high and low refrigeration cycle of the test chamber equipment uses the reverse karyo cycle, and the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure to discharge The air temperature rises; the refrigerant exchanges heat with the surrounding medium through the condenser, and then transfers the heat to the surrounding medium; the refrigerant expands adiabatically through the shut-off valve to do work, and the temperature of the refrigerant decreases; the refrigerant is sucked from the high-temperature object through the evaporator The heat reduces the temperature of the object to be cooled, so as to continuously circulate to achieve the purpose of cooling.

2. The reason why the thermal shock chamber is not refrigerated

If the test box is not refrigerated, you should first check whether the refrigeration compressor is faulty to see if the refrigeration compressor is working normally. In daily work, you must ensure the stability of the power supply current and voltage to avoid instability in the electrical control switch. In the stainless steel thermal shock chamber, you should check whether the pressure of the refrigeration compressor is within the normal range, and check the refrigeration switch. If the valve stem of a hot gas bypass solenoid valve is cracked, you need to replace the solenoid valve in time, and correct the Recharge the switcher with fluorine so that it can operate normally, and check whether the amount of refrigerant in the main refrigeration unit is sufficient: If the discharge and suction pressures of the low-temperature compressor stage compressors of the two refrigeration units are lower than the normal values, the suction pressure is in an evacuated state. , you need to adjust the amount of refrigerant, and the reason for the lack of refrigerant: touch the exhaust and suction lines of the compressor with your hands, if the temperature of the exhaust line is not high and the temperature of the suction line is not low, you need Refill refrigerant.

Through the above analysis, you should now know the reason why the thermal shock chamber is not refrigerated! Understanding the reason is to better solve the problem, and timely investigation and handling of the problem can stabilize the reliability and accuracy of the test chamber.

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