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Points for Attention in the Operation of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

1. Try to avoid frequent starting and stopping of the thermal shock test chamber (try not to restart the operation within five minutes after the thermal shock test chamber stops), so as not to increase the mechanical load of the refrigeration system compressor and affect the service life of the unit.

2. It is strictly forbidden to test flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive materials in the thermal shock test chamber, otherwise it will cause accidents and cause damage to the machine, and it will also cause invalid test results.

3. The placement of the test object should not affect the airflow balance and unobstructed flow in the environment test equipment. Otherwise, it will affect the performance of the thermal shock test chamber and the accuracy of the test. On any cross-section perpendicular to the wind direction of the internal circulation airflow, the total area of the test object should not be greater than 1/3 of the cross-sectional area of the working chamber.

4. The door of the test chamber must be tightly closed before operating, otherwise, it will cause the studio gas to leak and the test will not meet the performance requirements.

5. We need to design a person to operate the thermal shock test chamber to avoid unnecessary damage due to irregular operation.

6. If the thermal shock test chamber is running under 0℃ for low-temperature tests, try to avoid opening the door of the test chamber, because opening the door during low-temperature tests will easily cause frost in the evaporator and other parts of the refrigeration system. The lower the test temperature is, the more serious the effects will be. If the door must be opened, the opening time should be shortened as much as possible.

7. After using the thermal shock test chamber to complete the low-temperature test operation, be sure to set the test temperature condition to 30℃ and perform the drying treatment for about half an hour (return to normal temperature, the temperature controller can set the automatic function) and then shut down and open the test chamber. After the temperature back to room temperature you can pick and place the test products, so as not to affect the test performance.

8. When the thermal shock test chamber is running at high temperature and high humidity, it is strictly forbidden to open the door, otherwise it may cause the following adverse consequences:

(1) The high-temperature and high-humidity gas rushes out of the high temperature test chamber sharply, which may easily cause burns;

(2) The inside of the door, the test area and the surface of the sample still maintain a high temperature, which is easy to burn the hands;

(3) The high temperature air may trigger the fire alarm and cause malfunction.

9. During the operation of the thermal shock test chamber, please do not touch and inspect the system components of the machine with your hands, so as to avoid accidents such as electric shock or being struck by the motor. So please stop the machine and turn off the power before repairing.