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Do You Know the Cause of the Slow Cooling of the Low Temperature Test Chamber?

When the low temperature test chamber is used in an inappropriate way, it may cause some faults, such as the slow cooling of the rapid temperature change and low temperature test chamber. But do you know what causes the slow cooling? Next, Yuanyao Test Equipment would like to explain to you the reasons for the slow cooling of the low temperature test chamber.

1. First of all, consider the ambient temperature conditions of low temperature test chamber. The working temperature is stressed whether in contract or quotation that the device should work under 25 ℃ and the laboratory ventilates to keep the air circulation, but some customers may not care about it that making the equipment work under the temperature above 35 ℃, and closing the lab, which will certainly result in slow cooling speed. What's more, equipment running for a long time at high temperatures can cause the refrigeration system and the electrical parts aging damage.

2. Secondly, refrigerant leakage in the low temperature test chamber. The freezing medium is regarded as the blood of the refrigeration system. If any leakage point of refrigerant leakage occurs in any part of the refrigeration system, the cooling capacity will be low, which will naturally affect the cooling of the equipment. But you need to find a professional test chamber manufacturer to check this problem.

3. Then consider whether the refrigeration system of the low temperature test chamber is blocked. If the refrigeration system is blocked for a long time, it will cause great damage to the equipment, which may lead to compressor damage.

Please ask a professional manufacturer to check if your low temperature test chamber has slow cooling so that the problem can be sought out. Don't ask for those who are not professional to undertake maintenance for saving repair costs. These are the reasons for the slow temperature drop in the low temperature chamber.

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