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What is the Function of the Sensor in the Thermal Shock Test Chamber?

The sensor can affect the accuracy of the high and low temperature shock test chamber. What is the specific function of the sensor in the cold and hot shock test chamber? Learn more about it through the article below!

1. The basic concept of accurate detection of sensors in the cold and hot shock test chamber

In capacitive temperature measuring instruments, thermocouples and thermal resistances are commonly used electronic devices for temperature detection. The basis of thermocouple temperature measurement is the thermoelectric effect. Thermocouples can accurately measure the measured temperature according to the cooperation of electrical equipment measuring instruments, is a temperature sensor electronic device that can convert a temperature signal into a thermoelectric potential difference signal. When the two contact points a and b are at c and d at different temperatures, this is the use of two different materials a and a A closed loop will be formed before b, and a certain thermoelectric potential difference will be generated in the control circuit in the loop, which is often referred to as the "Seebeck effect". The wires a and b are called thermoelectrodes, and the high temperature end (c) is called the work. The upper end (usually arc welded and welded together); the low temperature end (d) is called the free end (usually at a certain smooth temperature).

2. Thermocouple of thermal shock test chamber

According to the relationship between the temperature function and the temperature difference, the thermocouple measuring instrument range table can be calculated. According to the specification of arbitrary end temperature d=00C, the detection range table is given, and different types of thermocouples have different detection tables.

If a third metal material polymer material is connected to the thermocouple control circuit, when the temperature of the 2 contact points connected by the second metal material polymer material is the same, the temperature difference generated by the thermocouple will remain unchanged, so it is not easy to be affected. The third metal composite connection controls the damage in the circuit.

Therefore, when the thermocouple temperature is detected, the measuring instrument can be connected, and after measuring the thermal potential difference, the temperature of the chemical substance in the thermal shock chamber can be grasped.

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