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Did You Do the Daily Maintenance of the Walk-In Chamber Correctly?

Walk-in chamber may have malfunctions due to improper operation or lack of maintenance, which not only affects work progress but also costs more than maintenance. Therefore, daily maintenance of this equipment is essential. So, what should be done for maintenance? Have you done enough maintenance on this device?

  • The most basic maintenance for the walk-in chamber is to check whether the screws, parts, connection wires, and sheet metal are loose, rusty, missing, not firm, dented, or cracked, and whether the washers, plugs, sealing strips, etc. are aging, and deal with them promptly.

  • The compressor of the walk-in chamber is very important and expensive for the instrument, so regular maintenance of the compressor is also important. Stable voltage is required for the compressor to work, otherwise it is easy to cause damage, so a voltage stabilizer should be installed on the test box; the compressor cannot be turned on and off frequently, and the interval between each switch should be more than fifteen minutes.

  • Walk-in chamber If the motor and turntable reducer of the device run poorly or make noise, remove foreign objects and lubricate them.

  • The circulating system's pump, pipeline, and drainage tank in the walk-in chamber should be checked regularly for water leakage or dirt and cleaned and repaired in time.

  • If the walk-in chamber is not used for a long time, the power should be turned off, the box should be cleaned and dried, and placed in a dry, ventilated, and sun-free place. Don't cover the device with plastic to prevent dust accumulation, as this can cause component rust. Even if not in use, it is best to turn it on once a month for about an hour to protect the compressor.

  • To prevent rusting of the components in the walk-in chamber, they can be wiped regularly with oil; pure water or distilled water should be used to add water to the equipment to avoid using water with many impurities.

  • Regular use of correct maintenance methods for the walk-in chamber can protect and prolong its life. Staff should remember these methods, accumulate experience in continuous maintenance, and let the machine perform better.