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How Much is the Humidity when the Set Value of Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber is 0 °C?

1. Humidity range of constant temperature and humidity chamber

We know that the humidity of a constant temperature and humidity chamber is relative, for example, at 30 °C, the relative humidity is 50% RH; at 85 °C, the relative humidity is 85% RH, and so on, and not from the high-temperature limit to the low-temperature limit of the entire temperature range with humidity, where low temperature is no humidity.

There will be some customers who have lower humidity requirements of programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber, such as 15% RH or 5% RH low humidity requirements, etc., but very few people ask about the 0% RH humidity range. Because we all know 0% RH humidity means no humidity requirements.

Just as high humidity of 98 percent RH is preferred over humidity of 100 percent RH since humidity of 100 percent RH indicates that the moisture has been saturated, and saturated equals water.

2. How much is the humidity when the set value of constant temperature and humidity chamber is 0 °C?

It depends on whether the operator set the temperature to 0 °C or the humidity to 0 percent relative humidity (RH).

This type of equipment cannot be used if the set temperature value is 0, i.e. there is no humidity, because temperatures below 5°C cannot be done with humidity.

And if you set the humidity to zero, there's also no humidity, generally the humidity range of constant temperature and humidity environment testing equipment is 20% 98 percent RH, the so-called relative humidity is in the relative temperature of the humidity generated, not all temperatures can have humidity, there is humidity that is dried or evaporated such as high temperature 90 °C above the basic no humidity. Below the usual humidity of 5 °C, humidity is not possible, because the temperature is low, the moisture in the air will frost or freeze, thus humidity at 0 °C is not possible.

In fact, setting 0 percent humidity is possible, but this is only to set the humidity display to 0 percent, indicating that our equipment's humidification system will not go to humidification, but the requirement to not have a single water molecule in the air is impossible and unrealistic, as is using the world's best dehumidification equipment.