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Daily Maintenance Method of Programmable Walk-in Chamber

Ⅰ. Application of programmable walk-in chamber

Programmable walk-in chamber, also known as programmable temperature and humidity test chamber, temperature and humidity test chamber, walk-in chamber is suitable for electrical, electronic products, electronic components, resistors, capacitors, circuit boards, electrical appliances, plastics, plastics, Coatings, aerospace products, chemicals, paints, building materials, hardware, LED, LED lighting, LED energy-saving lamps, LED displays, LCD, LCD modules, auto parts, various electronic components and other raw materials and devices for cold resistance, heat resistance, Humidity resistance, dryness resistance test and reliability test equipment for quality control engineering, test its various performance indicators under high temperature, low temperature or humid heat environment.

Ⅱ. How to clean and maintain the programmable walk-in chamber in daily work?

1. Cleaning and maintenance of the inside and outside of the walk-in chamber

(1) The internal impurities of the walk-in chamber should be removed before operation.

(2) The power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year.

Above, when cleaning the programmable walk-in chamber, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the indoor dust.

(3) The outside of the cabinet must be cleaned more than once a year, and it can be wiped with soapy water before cleaning.

2. Inspection and maintenance of humidifier in walk-in chamber

The water storage in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure clean water quality, and the humidification water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth water flow.

3. Check the over-temperature protector in the constant temperature and humidity test box

When the walk-in chamber is running, add 20°C to 30°C to the maximum value of the over-temperature protection. When the temperature in the test chamber rises to the set point of the over-temperature protection, the power supply of the heater will stop immediately, and the "OVERHEAT" over-temperature warning light will be on but the fan will still run. Whether the over-temperature protector is properly set (the setting of the wet-bulb over-temperature protector is 120°C).

4. Cleaning of dust in the condenser of the walk-in chamber

The condenser should be maintained regularly and monthly. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dust attached to the cooling mesh of the condenser or use high-pressure air to spray off the dust.

5. Replacement of the wet bulb test cloth in the walk-in chamber

When the surface of the test cloth is dirty or hardened, or after the temperature control is completed, the test cloth must be replaced before proceeding with the humidity control. The test cloth should be replaced every three months. When replacing, the temperature measuring body should be wiped with a clean cloth. When replacing a new test cloth, it should be cleaned first.

6. Check and adjust the wet bulb water level of the walk-in chamber

The water level of the water tank should not be too high, so that the water overflows the water tank or is too low, so that the wet bulb test cloth absorbs water abnormally, which will affect the accuracy of the wet bulb. The water level should be kept about 60% full. The adjustment of the water level of the storage tank can adjust the height of the storage tank.