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Proper Rust Prevention Measures Should be Taken for High-Low Temperature Test Chambers

On the market, most of the equipment for high-low temperature test chambers have inner boxes made of stainless steel. However, after long-term use, there are still cases of rusting. Why is this happening? Is there a good method to prevent rusting?

To implement effective rust prevention measures, we need to first identify the reasons for rusting of high-low temperature test chambers and avoid these causes. The inner box of the high-low temperature test chamber is made of stainless steel. Some of the equipment's outer boxes are also made of stainless steel, while others are steel with electrostatic spraying treatment. The factors that cause rusting mainly include two elements:

The environment that causes rusting of high-low temperature test chambers

It is the basis for corroding and rusting when it is in an environment that may induce corrosion at the temperature, humidity, or pollution.

The substance that triggers corrosion and rusting of high-low temperature test chambers

Under the action of the substance that triggers rusting, stainless steel materials may still rust when exposed to suitable environments. The most common factor that causes stainless steel to rust is chloride ion. Many acidic, alkaline, and salty substances contain chloride ions, and stainless steel is easily corroded and rusted in a humid environment with chloride ions.

When the above two factors coexist, high-low temperature test chambers may rust. To prevent rusting, we can take the following measures:

  • Use pure water or filtered softened water for testing, as unfiltered water may contain impurities that trigger rusting.

  • Avoid highly corrosive items or instruments around the equipment for high-low temperature test chambers.

  • Keep the equipment dry: after testing, wipe off any water droplets inside and outside the chamber.

  • Pay attention to protection during rainy and snowy weather. If any rain or snow enters the lab, it should be cleared promptly.

After understanding the reasons and prevention methods for rusting of high-low temperature test chambers, we can check our equipment for these situations. If there is rust, we should remove it and take prevention measures promptly.

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