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How to Choose the Manufacturer of LCD Aging Test Chamber?

Have you ever come across with such kind of problem? The equipment bought on the market fails soon after being used. In addition, the test result is not very successful. Actually, we do not just consider the price but various factors of LCD aging test chamber manufacturers in the purchase. But how do you know to choose a professional LCD aging test chamber manufacturer? Here Guangdong Yuanyao Test Equipment Co.,Ltd. will explicit how to choose LCD aging test chamber manufacturers:

1. Know about the qualification and history of the LCD aging test chamber manufacturer

Don't listen to the manufacturer but check the business license and surf the Internet by yourself which are both real and well documented. The longer the production time, the better the performance and stability of the equipment. It's because the precious experience is racked up from these technical problems and precipitated slowly over time that those newly established can't compete with.

2. Carry out the field trip on the LCD aging test chamber manufacturer

Many vendors are misguided easily by the false advertising on the Internet in the modern time of Internet. Besides, most vendors put forward similar technical proposals with minor differences and part of vendors copy from the peer, which makes customers believe the quality is almost the same as the same proposal. So why do the prices have big differences? It can be inferred that customers prefer the aging test chamber manufacturer with lower price, allowing some agents or distributors to take advantage of the loopholes. Consequently, it's necessary to carry out the field investigation on the manufacturer together with the technical engineer.

3. Look at the equipment manufacturing technology and components of LCD aging test chamber manufacturer

The service life is determined by the manufacturing process and components of the equipment. Some customers will say that other manufacturers adopt imported components, and I'm also a technical person, don't I understand? But what we want to remind is that as the saying goes, the difference in the profession makes one feel worlds apart. Especially in the era of fierce competition, some test chamber manufacturers can only take advantage of low prices to attract the attention of customers for competition nowadays. When there are no more profits to support a subsequent after-sale service and the operation of the company, they have to start from parts, accessories, and materials.

In general, customers can not only consider the price but the strength of the manufacturers in choosing the LCD aging test chamber. These are what Guangdong Yuanyao Test Equipment Co., Ltd. shares with you.