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Life Analysis of Walk-in Chamber

Ⅰ. The service life of the walk-in chamber

1. The material life is the service life determined according to the material wear of the walk-in chamber, that is, the period from when the equipment is put into use to when the equipment is aged and damaged due to wear, until it is scrapped and removed.

2. Economic life refers to the life of the equipment in which the usage fee of the walk-in chamber is within a reasonable limit. In the later period of the material life of the test box, the loss caused by frequent equipment failures increases sharply. After the equipment is purchased, the more years it is used, the less investment is apportioned each year, but the more maintenance and operating costs of the equipment. The total cost of equipment is low in a suitable year of service life, which is the meaning of economic life.

3. Technical life refers to the continuous emergence of technologically more advanced and economically more reasonable alternative equipment due to the development of science and technology, so that the existing equipment will be scrapped in advance before the material life or economic life is over. The time from when the equipment is put into use to when it loses its use value due to technological progress is called the technical life of the equipment.

4. Depreciation life refers to the time when the balance after deducting the residual value from the total value of the walk-in chamber is depreciated to close to zero according to the depreciation rate stipulated by the relevant state departments or the enterprise itself. The length of depreciation life depends on the policies and guidelines adopted by the enterprise.

Ⅱ. How to prolong the life of the walk-in chamber?

Will the long-term use of the walk-in chamber reduce its life? Don't worry, we will tell you some maintenance methods that can prolong its life:

The most expensive part of the walk-in chamber is the compressor. Regularly check the exhaust temperature of the main engine. When the temperature is close to 98°C, the oil cooler must be cleaned; if it is found that the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle, they must be stopped and replaced; wash the water separator, clean the dust on the surface of the motor suction port and the surface of the shell; clean the oil return filter.

The walk-in chamber needs to be wiped frequently with anti-rust oil to ensure that the water level is sufficient and there is no shortage of water; when the wet cloth turns yellow, it should be replaced in time; the appearance of the test chamber should be cleaned with clean water, and the ground around the fuselage and the bottom should be kept clean at all times; The impurities inside the working room of the constant humidity test chamber should be removed, and the chamber should be dried to keep the chamber dry.

The performance of any condenser equipped with a chiller will gradually decrease over time, and as a result, the condensing pressure of the system will be higher than the condensing pressure during normal operation.

In order not to degrade the performance of the condenser, the condenser needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and free from dust sticking to its fins.