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Application of Ozone Aging Test Chamber in Rubber Industry

To meet stringent industry standards, rubber processing companies must carefully select raw materials. Material fatigue due to weather, stress, and aging is studied to deduce the service life of a product before it is put into use. Yuanyao's Ozone Aging Test Chamber tests the durability of rubber samples and protects rubber products from the effects of ozone to achieve higher quality standards.

What is Ozone Aging of Rubber

In most cases, there is a clear relationship between the time of ozone action and the concentration of ozone that causes rubber to crack (age). If we plot the experimental data of ozone action time and ozone concentration for rubber aging according to the logarithmic formula, we can derive a linear relationship. Changes in ozone concentration have a significant effect on the length of ozone aging time of rubber. As the ozone concentration increases, the time required for the ozone to crack the rubber becomes shorter. These tests are conducted in conditions that are harsher than typical usage environments to accelerate material testing evaluations.

Formulation Optimization and R&D

The Ozone Aging Test Chamber is used in the R&D phase of rubber products to evaluate the effect of different formulations on the ozone aging resistance of rubber. By simulating the action of ozone in a real environment, researchers can observe the changes in the performance of rubber samples during the aging process, and then optimize the formulation to improve the anti-aging performance of rubber products.

Quality Control and Inspection

The Ozone Resistance Test Chamber is used for quality control and testing of rubber products during the production process. By setting a certain ozone concentration and aging time, the test chamber can simulate the aging conditions that may be encountered by rubber products during long-term use. The aged rubber samples are then tested to assess whether they meet the quality requirements. This type of testing ensures that the rubber products leaving the factory have stable performance and long service life.

New Product Verification

The Ozone Aging Test Chamber is an essential part of the validation process that is required to ensure the reliability of new rubber products before they are introduced to the market. By simulating an ozone environment, this type of plastic aging test can evaluate the changes in performance of a new product during the aging process to verify that it meets the design requirements and usage needs. This kind of verification can help enterprises to reduce product risk and improve market competitiveness.

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