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Precautions for Choosing High Low Temperature Test Chamber

Many people don't know how to choose a high low temperature test chamber. Today we will share with you what do you need to pay attention to when you select high low temperature test chamber?

  1. No matter the user is choosing a high low temperature test chamber or other environment testing equipment, they should meet the temperature requirements specified in the test;

  2. To ensure the temperature uniformity in the test area of the high low temperature test chamber, you can choose whether to use forced air circulation or non-forced air circulation according to the heat dissipation of the sample;

  3. The heating or cooling system of the high low temperature test chamber should have no effect on the sample;

  4. The test chamber must have a relevant sample rack to place samples, and the mechanical properties of the sample rack should not change due to the temperature;

  5. The high low temperature test chamber should have protective measures. Like observation windows and lighting, power supply phase failure, over-temperature protection, and various alarm devices;

  6. Whether there is remote monitoring function or not, according to customer requirements;

  7. During the implementation of the cyclic test, the test chamber must be equipped with automatic counters, indicator lights, recording equipment, automatic shut-off and other instrument devices. In addition,  it  requires good recording and display functions;

  8. According to the sample temperature, there are two measurement methods: upwind and downwind sensor temperature. The position and control method of the temperature and humidity control sensor in the high low temperature test chamber can be selected, and the appropriate one can be selected according to the customer's product test requirements.